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The better is the best


“The better is the best!”

moRo company limited, a fledgling yet substantially competent Korean MRO player,

is well prepared to obtain a high-profile name in the main military MRO services and defense business consultancy arenas. 
Armed with long-experienced, worldly-wise experts, and skilled mechanics and repairmen,
moRo’s capabilities are fully ready to serve customers as well as partners. 
In particular, all of the mechanics and repairmen with moRo have decades of military and private careers, so that they can detect flaws and defects in the software and hardware of vehicles, vessels or aircraft only by hearing their engine sounds and beats.
moRo’s another main strength lies in the consultancy of defense and security strategies and tactics. Joined by long-experienced architects of adaptive defense concepts and military strategists, moRo advises and supports its industry partners, mostly MSMEs, to expand business scope and enhance competitiveness in the global market, by levelling up their capabilities.  


Advisory Group



Seong Yun Shim

CEO / President

Seong Yun Shim has almost 20 years of experience of running his own business in the manufacturing and trading sectors. He started his vocational career as a strategy planning official at the Kolon Group, one of the top 30 business conglomerates in Korea.

Prior to establishing moRo Company Limited in 2019, Mr. Shim operated COEN Co., Ltd., a trading company, between 2003 and 2009. Since acquiring Hyoshin Ion Plating Co., Ltd., a special coating company, in 2009, and launching Hyoshin Glotek Co., Ltd., a metal milling company, in 2011, his business lines have been playing a substantial and crucial role in supplying key parts and components for the country’s defense industry players.

Also a well-established, future-oriented business planner and strategist, Mr. Shim has talents and know-how in the finding of the best and most accurate methods to direct and use his own resources not just to satisfy customers but also to contribute to growing their business.


Kyoun Wook Shim  Ph.D. 

Chairman of Board Members
Chief of Advisory Group

Since obtaining her Ph.D. degree in international politics from the Paris Institute of Political Studies (I.E.P. de Paris) in France, Dr. Kyong Wook Shim devoted her strong analytical insights and problem-solving skills to the national defense and security sector of the Republic of Korea for almost three decades.

Prior to joining moRo Company Limited, Dr. Shim served as a senior research fellow of the prestigious Korea Institute for Defense Analyses (KIDA) since 1991. A current honorary senior research fellow at KIDA, she also built up her reputation not only as a national defense and security advisor to the Presidential Office and the Ministry of National Defense and other ministerial-level state agencies, but also as a senior policy advisor to the ROK Armed Forces between 2003 and 2015.

On top of this, Dr. Shim is the author of a great many publications that encompass a wide range of national and international defense and security issues, with most of them used as guidebooks in the said sector.

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